Ascension Church, Buffalo is Celebrating its Rebirth

When caring for a building limits the energy a congregation has for ministry it’s time for a change. So Ascension parish has chosen to move to the campus of the Church of the Good Shepherd at 96 Jewett Parkway in Buffalo.

Ascension parish recognizes that the Church is not a building. Any church, Ascension included, is really a group of people in close relationship with God and one another.

And so, Ascension parish continues, as will our unique 4:30 pm Sunday celebration of Holy Eucharist and our monthly Pet Food Pantry. The Church of the Ascension is NOT CLOSING, rather it is evolving, adapting to the 21st century reality of how to be the church.

Ascension and Good Shepherd have been in covenant relationship since 2011. When Ascension began their search for a new home, the congregations of both churches felt it made perfect sense for Ascension to move north three miles. In recognition of their new address, Ascension decided to rename itself The Church of the Ascension Church at Good Shepherd.

Ascension’s former campus will be re-purposed by the Episcopal Church Home & Affiliates for a senior housing project. In this way, the building will forever be connected to the Episcopal Church, thanks be to God.

All are invited to join us for a grand service of good-bye and thank you to our building at the corner of Linwood and North in Buffalo at 7 pm on The Feast of the Epiphany, January 6, 2015. Bishop Franklin will be the celebrant. Come celebrate our rebirth as we joyfully remember all that has happened over the past 165 years while looking forward to what will happen in the next 165!